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The reason I listen to metal

The reason I listen to metal music i ’cause it makes me feel alive. Kinda like if you go on a roller coaster. You feel like you’ve done what no other man has become or done. Like you survived a tornado or something like that. For me, I feel like i’m the supreme king of everything. And I get that feeling in my stomach like I’ve been elected a hero. Or like I can do what ever I want or that I feel I’m indestructible like no one can get to me. Or no matter what people do to bring me down, I still rise up above them no matter how hard they try to shove me in the dirt. What I’m trying to tell you, is that just because someone likes a certain kind of music. Don’t bring them down for it. Like if someone likes Rob Zombie and tells a friend who is a christian. Don’t say something like,”Oh that’s not pleasing to God. So you shouldn’t listen to it.” That’ll just make them feel like crap of crap. If you don’t understand.. That’s you’re problem. If you get it. You’ll understand that you’re not that different.


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The Boogeyman (2005)


Happy Halloween first of all. And here’s a post about the king of nightmares.


Tim Jensen witnessed his father’s death. Everyone thinks he’s crazy when he tells the story. He was killed by the boogeyman. He is scarred for life.(15 years later) But when he thinks he’s faced his fears, his mother dies unexpectedly. As he goes back to his hometown, his uncle suggests staying in the house where he witnessed his father’s death. But he soon discovers that the boogeyman isn’t only in his house, he discovers that he’s in every closet. But how does he get around? That is up to you if you want to watch the movie. That is… if you’re brave enough.!.


This is rated PG-13 for: sexuality,blood and gore (mild), violence throughout, minor language.

I reccomend this for people over the age of 13.

If you feel down read this.

Someone who read my last post gave me a link to this. Here it is:


Affirmations for Bullying Victims
by Cyndi H.
This is a message to anyone who is being bullied right now. It doesn’t matter if it’s online or IRL. This is for you.

YOU matter.
Your opinions matter.
Your feelings matter.
Your thoughts matter.
Your dreams matter.
Your LIFE matters.
You are special.
You are beautiful.
You are talented.
You are valuable.
You are wonderful.
You are respected.
You are cared about.
You are STRONG.
You are a good person.
You are loved.
You can succeed.
You can reach out.
You can hold on.
You can overcome.
You mean something.
You have worth.
You deserve to LIVE.



Let’s give her a HAND!!!

Anti-bullying-Amanda Todd

Five days ago and two years a beautiful girl committed suicide…This is anti bullying month.

God Bless Amanda.


A song dedicated to her:


Her story:

RIP Amanda Todd – November 27, 1996- October 10, 2012

I hope this can reach out to people who knows someone who has attempted, committed,or has come close to suicide.


In loving memory of  Amanda Todd.

And to all the haters, WHY. What’d she do to you. All I can say is. Amanda, if you ever read this on Gods computer… You are loved in so many ways. People have been there before. I know people who have.We love you…

This was posted on her original video for the description:


I’m struggling to stay in this world, because everything just touches me so deeply. I’m not doing this for attention. I’m doing this to be an inspiration and to show that I can be strong. I did things to myself to make pain go away, because I’d rather hurt myself then someone else. Haters are haters but please don’t hate, although im sure I’ll get them. I hope I can show you guys that everyone has a story, and everyones future will be bright one day, you just gotta pull through. I’m still here aren’t I?




Brian “Head” Welch’s book. The guy from KoRn who quit.

Browse Inside Save Me from Myself: How I Found God, Quit Korn, Kicked Drugs, and Lived to Tell My Story by Brian Welch.



His new music is better. Has better messages in his music

This is a book I want. It’s by a guy in the band KoRn that is a christian. Also look up Brian “Head” Welch. Also a christian,but quit because of the tension.

Browse Inside Got the Life: My Journey of Addiction, Faith, Recovery, and Korn by Fieldy.


Eleven years ago, the twin towers were bombed. this is just a memory post to all of the men and woman who died:



best of them all:


I pray for all the families who had loved ones that had been killed.

Memory videos:

Thank You…

The First Day of a New School

Well, it was really awkward, but then my friend and I realized we were in most of the same classes. And also my schedule was really messed up, so I was going to my 4th period when I was supposed to be in 3rd. (EMBARRASSING!)

My literacy teacher is really funny. My math teacher asked for me, so that made me feel good. And last period of school was in the math room for Advisory. It was weird…Oh well.


The reason I listen to metal is that you can be as different as you can be. Half the metal bands that are metal are really weird. Take Marilyn Manson. He’s weird as can be. But fans don’t say, he’s so weird that i’m not going to listen to him anymore.  Or Slipknot, maggots don’t criticize them because they wear masks. My point is that if someone listens to metal(or any genera) don’t be critical. Because that just pisses them off. I know this from experience.


Hope you like this!

Enochian Crazy Train

A link to my bands song by good old Ozzy:


This will only be up for an limited time so watch it while you can! THANKS!



This song I barely knew, so give the drummer some slack.

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